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Procurement has been and still is rapidly evolving in most businesses, the introduction of new technologies and cost pressures are leading functional heads to look at how they can transform their procurement practices and reconsider how their organisations are structured and supply chains are managed to achieve efficiencies, reduce cost and improve performance.

Affinity Procurement Solutions can deliver a range of procurement services that range from a full functional transformation, coaching and mentoring through to strategy formation and outsourced activities to support your business. In addition to this we are always happy to discuss a bespoke requirement, be it just to provide some subject matter expertise in to your business or interim support.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Often the pressures and stresses of the working day take precedent over taking time for analysis, reflection and action that ultimately enable the learning and development required to achieve success.

Process Improvement

Many businesses spend most of their time focusing on growing and ensuring its customer demands are met, procurement processes may not adapt at the same pace leading to inefficiencies.

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Strategy Development

The value of strategic procurement is either not understood or there are time constraints that prevent conducting the activity so the full benefit and impact to business is not realised.


With increasing burden on business to reduce costs and concentrate on core activities little time is available to conduct robust activities such as Market Analysis, Pre-Qualification, RFx, Risk Assessment.

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Supporting business

Facilitating change through evolution

Providing specialist knowledge and expertise we are able to support you with your procurement function transformation or engage as part of an integrated team for a business wide change programme.

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We believe that learning should be relevant and practical, not just passive and theoretical. At Affinity Procurement Solutions we can maintain and build on what has been already been achieved by working with our clients to embed competence through a mix of coaching and mentoring with the objective of embedding skills and new ways of working.

After an initial consultation to understand your needs, whether the individual(s) is/are the functional head, manager(s) or more junior member(s) of the team, Affinity Procurement Solutions will develop a coaching and mentoring engagement plan.

Once a coaching and mentoring engagement has begun we will support individuals using the right mix of challenge, support and encouragement to think about the desired objective, set realistic goals and consider how stakeholders can be best managed.
Affinity Procurement Solutions view procurement as a strategic function working to add value across the business but most importantly to support in improving the organisation's Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA). We can support you in both the development of your functional strategy to address any of the strategic and operational aspects that impact performance such as technology, people, process and governance or we can help your business develop and implement a category strategy. This could be across the whole business or within a targeted set of spend categories and the scope can include direct as well as indirect goods and services.

Both of these aspects of our Strategy Formation offering can be provided as part of our transformation engagements, however we can provide support with either your functional or a specific category strategy that may have been neglected, or with a category strategy where there is high potential to deliver savings or where change is required.

We will work closely with you to develop the required strategy or strategies that will also identify long term opportunities and quick wins. The opportunities can then be prioritised in a strategy plan of activity with clear targets, milestones and risk identification.

Affinity Procurement Solutions can develop and deliver a strategy in businesses with a less developed or non-existent procurement function or we can support the development and delivery of a strategy through coaching and mentoring to provide a skills transfer into the client.
Affinity Procurement Solutions will begin with a diagnostic to understand the ‘current situation’ and to identify opportunities for improvement, this usually involves a mixture of data analysis and interviews.

The output is based on this analysis, together with expert observation and insight which could identify significant cost reduction or risk mitigation opportunities, opportunities to improve the way the procurement team operate or opportunities to improve the way suppliers are managed.

Using the diagnostic output we will work with the client to develop a transformation plan to manage specific initiatives to deliver the required step changes, Affinity Procurement Solutions will then provide ongoing coaching and mentoring support throughout delivery of the transformation plan.

The transformation plan may include the design of a new organisation structure and operating model, implementation of strategic category management, developing and implementing a supplier relationship management process, developing a robust governance and reporting structure and drafting new or revising existing procurement policies and procedures.

Increasingly businesses are considering the benefits of outsourcing as part of their procurement strategy to maximise performance within their existing organisation to reduce costs or to add specialist skill sets to their procurement department or to simply to bridge a capacity constraint.

Affinity Procurement Solutions are able to provide support on key procurement activities relating to sourcing and supplier management or deliver the procurement aspect of a specific project or programme to supplement and support your existing procurement function. Usually we find that indirect materials and services are the most common outsourced activities, this area of procurement is often referred to as indirect procurement.

Business support on these activities can be called upon on an ad-hoc basis so you do not need to sign up to long term contracts giving you more flexibility and effectively providing a virtual extended team.


Affinity Procurement Solutions can provide temporary provision of management resource and skills for assignments up to 12 months to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organisation or to bridge a gap whilst a permanent employee is found and recruited.

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